What is Robotic Surgery?

What is Robotic Surgery

Patients often ask: “Will a robot operate on me?”. The answer is “No“. Surgical robots have no autonomy and do not make independent moves. However, this modern technology allows surgeons to perform more precise maneuvers using instrument tip articulation, tremor filtration, 3-D visualization and magnification of the operative field. They transmit the surgeon’s motions from the robotic console (typically located in a corner of the operating room) to the robotic arms located in the operative field. In the last few years, robotic surgery revolutionized the hernia field. It allows complex procedures to be performed through small incisions, thus decreasing postoperative pain and speeding up recovery. Patients whose large incisional hernia operations required at least 5 days of hospitalization in the past, now go home after one night of hospital stay or even the same day.

Get a glimpse into the OR during a robotic hernia repair with Dr. Lucian Panait.

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