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Why Do People Get Hernias? What Is Herniosis?

Why Do People Get Hernias? What Is Herniosis?

Hernias are a very common condition, with approximately 20 million operations performed worldwide each year. Studies show that around 30% of individuals will experience some form of abdominal or inguinal hernia at some point in their lives. Although hernias can appear in people who lift heavy objects or in pregnancy, other causes may also exist. […]

Do Hernias Go Away?

Do hernias go away - Minnesota Hernia Center

Hernias usually don’t go away on their own. Hernia treatment usually involves minimally invasive surgical procedures for a quicker recovery. What causes hernias? Hernias are common. The abdomen or groin muscles become weak from aging or repeated strains. In turn, an organ or body part bulges through the muscle wall and causes pain. Yet, some […]

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