Robotic & Laparoscopic Repairs

Robotic and laparoscopic repairs

Our procedures will often allow you to return home the same day!  Minimally invasive surgeries, performed with either laparoscopic or robotic techniques, offer a faster return to work and normal activities, with decreased pain when compared with open surgery.

Although Dr. Panait has extensive experience with laparoscopic hernia repair, he often uses advanced robotic surgery for the treatment and repair of inguinal (groin), hiatal, incisional, ventral, and many umbilical (belly button) hernias in both men and women. Robotic surgery has the same benefits as laparoscopic surgery, but allows the surgeon better visualization, dexterity and precision, and is the most advanced minimally invasive procedure available. In robotic-assisted procedures, the surgeon is in complete control of three small instruments and a video camera introduced through small incisions into the abdominal wall. The camera enables enhanced, high definition, three-dimensional visualization of the surgical field, while the robotic effectors translate surgeon’s movements into smaller, more precise movements of tiny surgical instruments inside the body, all without having to make a big cut.

This technology is particularly useful in complex hernia cases, such as recurrent hernias after previous mesh insertion, chronic groin pain due to mesh plugs, or inguinal hernia repairs in patients with previous prostate gland removal. While these patients would have traditionally undergone an open hernia repair, robotic hernia surgery now allows them to recover faster with less pain and disability.

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