Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Large incisional hernias often result from multiple abdominal operations or previous failed hernia repairs. Patients present with a big bulge in the abdomen, which interferes with their quality of life, and may result in abdominal pain, back pain, or inability to carry on work or daily living activities.

Repair of such a large ventral hernia is generally complex and requires deep knowledge of the abdominal wall anatomy and mastery of the surgical technique. Abdominal reconstruction techniques (also known as component separation or transversus abdominis release – TAR) have tremendous benefits: not only is the hernia repaired, but also the abdominal core function is completely restored.

Minnesota Hernia Center is one of the few practices in the state to offer incisional hernia repair with component separation through both open and robotic approaches. Using a combination of physical strengthening before the operation (prehabilitation) and enhanced recovery protocols, our patients return to normal activities in record time. In the interview below, Denny describes his experience with ventral hernia repair and shows how at 80 years of age he enjoys playing golf again without any limitations.

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